NWTW / Successful Prosecutions?

Does anyone know a successful prosecution of a quasi-VOTS (such as NWTW) for fraud or deceptive marketing or anything else? According to the Massachusetts BBB, NWTW isn’t techinically/legally a pyramid scheme because it sells a product — distributor kits — but obviously the kits are the only thing that keeps this on the legal side of the VOTS/pyramid scheme legal divide. Still, it seems clear the NWTW — and others, I’m sure — thrive on deceptive practices (bs “disclaimers” notwithstanding). With the help of some of her close friends, I have managed to “rescue” my fiancee from NWTW while she was only out $2k; clearly there are many other horror stories. Is a class-action lawsuit or criminial prosecution possible? Seeking thoughts, esp. from legal eagles out there.

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  1. Paul C. Lees says:

    This is absolutely NOT what defines a pyramid scheme. Many companies which sold a product have been shut down as illegal pyramid schemes. The BBB is not a very good source of information, as they tend to take press releases from the Direct Selling Association as gospel. And the DSA has become, in recent years, the “trade group” for VOTSs. One of DSA’s efforts right now is to have each state enact pyramid scheme legislation that would essentially legalize all but the most naked of pyramid schemes… definitely not in the best interests of consumers.

  2. votsvall says:

    The subject of “Pronet” came up when I was at a video store, and I happen to get into a conversation with a girl who was an employee of the video store. She stated that she had her own business and I ask her what it was, and she said “Pronet”, long distance and internet service. I ask her who was in her upline, and she named a guy who use to be the bother-in-law of a girl I dated who was involved in A-Q under the Foley line. So I think I know where this started. I view your website, so I know the rep of A-Q. I don’t think this girl knows that “Pronet” is connected to A-Q. Do you think I should tell her?

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