I Also Remember That In A Gubernatorial Election In My Home State

I had a bumper sticker endorsing the Democratic candidate on my private vehicle (not used EVER for business reasons). My boss told me that his upline Diamond (who is his son in law btw) told me I had to take it down because this candidate “didn’t support free enterprise.” >>

I’ve got news for him: NEITHER DOES AMWAY!!!!!!!!

I’ve said it already, and I’ll say it again:VOTSs give capitalism a bad, bad name. The fraud, abuse and misleading statements would be totally unnecessary if VOTSs actually practiced the essence of free enterprise, which is the *trader principle*. Two people who trade things of comparable value end up both being better off after the trade. Not so with VOTS, where a few at the top use an avalanche of lies large and small to drain the many at the bottom.

<< I consulted the ACLU, but this being Texas, there was nothing I could do complaint wise. Kicking myself now for not taking it to the media, but I was too brainwashed to make a stand. >>

I think this idea of giving the VOTSs bad press is the best strategy we have right now for consumer activism. I try to warn people whenever I can to “stay away from VOTS”.

The most telling of the VOTSers’ tactics is their consistent evasion of demands to show us their cash flow statements. If you ever want to shut up a recruiter, just tell him you won’t even look at the “opportunity” unless he shows you *his* cash flow statement.

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