I was involved with the NWTW for about 3 months

And lost a great deal of money…over $25,000!

And are they a legal? Well, even though they are all Herbalife Distributors, this system does not “promote” retailing. They try to make you believe you are retailing but in reality the focus of the MLM is recruiting. The Herbalife products are purchased by the new distributors that are recruited into the system to get to the supervisor level. Then the products these new distributors purchased are used to be sent to the next new distributors they sign up as part of their “distributorship”. And so on, and so on, and so on…It then “looks” like you are retailing because those purchases count towards your “volume” because they are in your downline but in reality there are no “customers” involved.

How long was your fiance involved?

NWTW / successful prosecutions?

Does anyone know a successful prosecution of a quasi-VOTS (such as NWTW) for fraud or deceptive marketing or anything else? According to the Massachusetts BBB, NWTW isn’t techinically/legally a pyramid scheme because it sells a product — distributor kits — but obviously the kits are the only thing that keeps this on the legal side of the VOTS/pyramid scheme legal divide. Still, it seems clear the NWTW — and others, I’m sure — thrive on deceptive practices (bs “disclaimers” notwithstanding). With the help of some of her close friends, I have managed to “rescue” my fiancee from NWTW while she was only out $2k; clearly there are many other horror stories. Is a class-action lawsuit or criminial prosecution possible? Seeking thoughts, esp. from legal eagles out there.